Spotter C Series

Our C Series Pendant is frequently found still in use on the same cranes after decades!

Dimensionally it is one of the larger pendants on the market.  For this reason it is frequently the choice when five speed operation is specified via sequential contacts.

Our C Series is the solution for using readily available operators and contact blocks manufactured by Allen Bradley, SqD or Cutler Hammer as the enclosure holes and spacing are designed to accept these standard 30 mm inserts.

The deep profile of the back allows for contact block stacking in order to configure a number of selector cams or other operator options.  Also, hermetically sealed blocks fit inside this enclosure for Class I Div 2, Class II Div 2, Class III Div 1 and 2 as permitted by NEC Article 500.7 (J)

In addition – our C Series can be ordered with our own designed and patented SW-2 Two Speed Insert; which provides a “break before make” OR sequential contact closing sequence not available on 2 Speed switches found in typical off the shelf pendant solutions.

Lastly, the large size is not a good fit for every application – but it does make it nearly indestructible and very maintainable.